Released 20th January 2008

Album Type: Album

Categorised under Contemporary Celtic, Indie Rock, Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Celtic, Celtic Folk, Traditional Celtic

The arrival of singer John Spillane and poet Louis de Paor’s first album should see their coronation as the High Kings of a new Gaelic Order.

The Gaelic Hit Factory is a compelling refutation of the notion that rock n’ roll and the Irish Language don’t mix. The Cork duo’s stunning collaboration dispenses with the Celtic Twilightery, sub-Clannad preening and self-conscious Oirishry that has until now characterized most efforts to add the ‘pure drop’ to the Devil’s music. In doing so, they have produced a bi-lingual album of daring authenticity and heart-breaking beauty, an album that breathes new life into traditional forms with imagination and sensitivity.

John Reynolds’s rich and accomplished production ensures that there isn’t a bodhrán or a dabuka out of place, and from the expolsive opening cri de coeur, Buille mo Chroí /The Beat of My Heart, to the haunting lullaby Lupadáin Lapadáin/The Tale of the Mermaid’s Daughter, you’ll never be in any doubt that you’re in the presence of the real thing.

This is the work of a real poet and a real singer, a pair of Rebels who have the courage to be not merely Gaelic but free as well. By turns rugged and raw and lyrical and evocative, The Gaelic Hit Factory is infused with the spirit of Rory Gallagher and the Gaelic Poets, and with the understanding that they are of one and the same tradition.

With a playful sense of irony Louis de Paor and John Spillane christened themselves The Gaelic Hit Factory. That sense of irony may have been misguided.

Roll over Enya, and tell the Lord of the Dance the news!

Track Listing:

1.  Buille mo Chroí – The Beat of my Heart 03:23  
2.  Ag an gCóisir – At the Party 03:21  
3.  Iníon Deichtine – The Wounded Hero 04:21  
4.  Inghean – Daughter 04:49  
5.  Báisteach – Rain 01:50  
6.  Bata is Bóthar – The Stick and The Road 06:00  
7.  Rugadh orm i gCorcaigh – Rebeltown 01:54  
8.  Éist do Bhéal – Shut Your Mouth 03:04  
9.  Suansiúl – Sleepwalk 03:03  
10.  Sorcha Rua – Red-haired Sorcha 02:32  
11.  Luíonn mo Ghrá – My Love Lies 03:11  
12.  Finscéal – Fairytale 02:42  
13.  Lupadáin Lapadáin – The Tale of the Mermaid’s Daughter 02:40  
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