Hey delighted to be returning to the legendary Irish music venue that is CAMPBELL'S TAVERN, Cloughanover, a few miles from Headford, County Galway next Friday January 18th. It's been ten long years since I sang in that gaff. 

I was taken there first by a man called Mouse McHugh. Picked him up and he hitching and as we were talking it turned out he was a musician like myself and his name was Mouse. We were talking away and as I turned to look at him I saw a man sized Mouse sitting in the passenger seat of the Passat, I swear. 

Ah it's a special musical part of the country up there like, there's something in the water, you're only a few miles from Caherlistrane, home of my favourite singer Dolores Keane, and Sarah and Rita Keane, and the great Seán Keane, who by the way recorded three of my songs, hurray, thanks Seán, what an honour! You have Pauline Scanlon living round there, that Divine Dingle Diva, bodhrán batterer Eamon Murray from Beoga, you have the lovely Nicola Joyce, from the Joyce Country, and her partners in the Whileaways excellent songwriters Noelie McDonnell and Noriana Kennedy, you have Sawdoctor Leo Moran, because lads we are not far here from the Tuam mafia that is the Sawdoctors and the Tuam beat and everything that comes with it, that magic was set alight by the great seminal chanter Padraic Stevens, you have Seamus Ruttledge, Joe Furey and a whole load more singers and songwriters and musos and head de balls and rockers and basket cases. I swear I don't know anywhere else, outside Cork like, where you'll find such music as up along there where Lough Corrib is dreaming to the west of you and County Galway is seriously considering turning herself into County Mayo. I've written a load of killer songs in the ten years and I'm gonna sing my little heart out for em all in Cloghanover next week, Hurray! Aililiú!

Published on 16th January 2019

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