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I’m delighted to have been asked to play at the special MICHAEL MARRA
Tribute Concert in GLASGOW on this coming Monday night the 28th of
January 2013, as part of the great CELTIC CONNECTIONS festival.

Michael Marra died recently and he will be a great loss. A highly
distinctive and imaginative songwriter from Dundee, he has brought me
a lot of pleasure with his songs and he cracked many a smile on this
old face.

You have to check out his “FRIDA KAHLO’S VISIT TO THE TAYBRIDGE BAR”
on Youtube, or “HERMLESS”, or maybe “IF DUNDEE WAS AFRICA”.

We were perceived as being kind of similar in our writing, kind of
anyway like, and we were put together for a big DOUBLE BILL SPECIAL
SENSATION night at the LEMON TREE in Aberdeen some years back.

It was a brilliant night. I so much enjoyed those few hours we spent
together. He knew all about Cork and was a great fan of Frank O’
Connor. We talked of cabbages and kings and many other kinds of things.

Some of the other artists paying tribute to Michael will be Eddie
Reader, Kris Drever, Dougie MacLean, The Mackenzie Sisters, Rab
Noakes, Rod Patterson.

Sincerest sympathies to his wife Peggy and all the family,


Below is a link to a lovely letter I received from Peggy Marra
peggy marra letter